23 Sep Findin’ our Fixin’s 

One of our most-asked questions at the store is, “Where do you get all this stuff?” Generally, it’s also followed by some version of “Do you want to buy my stuff?” 

The short answers are: all over and maybe

The long answer is this: 

For my entire life, and then some, my parents have been collectors of “stuff”. It’s why I often describe Finds and Fixin’s as part American Pickers, part Hoarders. Some of the things our customers see in-store are actually born of an overflow at our homes (the mantle in Sammy’s corner, the shutters at the kitchen window, the metal arbor, the desk behind the front desk…). These things live at Finds and Fixin’s now as decor because, frankly, we have run out of space at our own houses! It makes the place feel like home, which is nice because with all the hours put in, it often feels like we live there! 

But, most of the items we have were purchased at estate sales or thrift stores, from local antique dealers, or even found at the side of the road. Trash is where the BEST stuff is! On occasion we have also purchased entire storage units or bought out estates, though those instances are more rare. Many times we are asked to purchase items from customers, but often we are unable to because the piece, price, or condition isn’t right. Please don’t be offended if we pass on your stuff! It’s not you, it’s us! Most often, we are looking for fixer-upper pieces that we can work on and resell. We try to “buy right” so that we can keep our prices low for our customers. 

If you’re a local looking to sell an item, the best thing to do is send us an item description, photo, and price. Because we get contacted daily by individuals looking to sell, we appreciate having these full details so we can determine if your item is right for our store. 


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